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2013 NFL Divisional Round Game Three – 49ers @ Panthers

2013 NFL Divisional Round Game Three – 49ers @ Panthers

01/10/2014 @ 1:11 pm
by dchale5050
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2013 NFL Divisional Round Game Three

49ers Vs. Panthers

Where: Bank Of America Stadium, Charlotte, N.C.

When: Sunday, January 12th 1:05 Pm ET on Fox TV

2013 NFL Divisional Round Game Three – Breaking it down.

On the injury front:

Carolina began the week with 15 on Injured Reserve & 3 Questionable for Sundays Game.

Of the 3 listed as questionable earlier in the week, ESPN now lists WR Steve Smith as the only player who hasn’t been upgraded, and the Charlotte Observer reports that he is on the practice field today.

San Fransisco began the week with 8 on IR + 2 Non Football Injuries & 2 Guestionable.

CB Carlos Rogers (hamstring) & TE Demarcus Dobbs (knee/shoulder) are still in doubt as of Friday, 1/10/2014. The Sacramento Bee reports that Rogers did not practice.

The healthier team here appears to be the 49ers, having lost half as many players to IR as the Panthers have. 


AVG. Points/Game (Rank) – San Francisco 25.2 (#12), Carolina 22.9 (#18)

AVG. Yards/Play: (Rank)

Pass Attempt: San Francisco 7.1 (#8), Carolina 6.5 (#17)

Rush Attempt: San Francisco 4.4 (#9), Carolina 4.2 (#16)

Combined: San Francisco 5.4 (#12), Carolina 5.1 (#23)

San Fransisco definitely has the offensive advantage over Carolina, ranking 8th, 9th, and 12th vs. 17th, 16th and 23rd in the league in the three average yards per attempt categories.

They each score just over 3 touchdowns per game (49ers +2.3 point advantage), but it’s their stingy defenses that have made them famous this year.


AVG Points Allowed/Game (Rank) – Carolina 15.1 (#2), San Francisco 17.2 (#3)

AVG. Yards Allowed/Play: (Rank)

Pass Attempt: San Francisco 6.1 (#8), Carolina 6.1 (#9)

Rush Attempt: San Francisco 3.9 (#9), Carolina 4.0 (#12)

Combined: Carolina 4.9 (#7), San Francisco 5.0 (#8)

 Over the last three games of the season, the Carolina defense improved their overall yds/attempt to 4.4, and San Fransisco improved theirs to 4.6 over those three games.

Ranking #2 & #3 in the league in AVG Points Allowed Per Game (Advantage Carolina -2.1 points), their combined Yards Allowed/Play also is neck and neck being separated by a tenth of a yard (31/2 inches) per play in favor of Carolina.

With the 49ers scoring 2.3 more points per game, & the Carolina defense allowing 2.1 fewer points per game, this looks to be another close one that could cost anyone who is brave enough to bet, a fortune.

This 2013 NFL Divisional Round Game Three is just to tough to pick. If it’s a day for offense, the knod goes to San Fran. But, a day that favors the defense then Carolina should win at home in a close one.

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