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2013 NFL Divisional Round Game Two – Colts @ Patriots

2013 NFL Divisional Round Game Two – Colts @ Patriots

01/08/2014 @ 6:15 pm
by dchale5050
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2013 NFL Divisional Round Game Two

Colts Vs. Patriots

Where: Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA

When: Saturday, Jan 11th 8:15 Pm ET on CBS TV

2013 NFL Divisional Round Game Two – Breaking it down.

The 2013 NFL Divisional Round Game Two should be billed as “The War Of The Walking Wounded”! Perhaps a subheading “The Battle of Backups” would almost fit as well, but I’m amazed that these teams even made the playoffs with the number of injuries they’ve both indured.

Take a look:

The Colts have 18 players on injured reserve and the Patriots have 12, + 2 more out with non football related injuries. Both teams have 3 more players apiece who are questionable for Saturday’s AFC Divisional Playoff game. In addition to that are the walking wounded (the Colts 1, and the Patriots 9) that are listed as probable for the game.

That is an incredible 48 players between them (An NFL roster is 53 players), 38 who are out completely & 10 who are playing with injuries. Dispite all that, the Colts (11-5) and Patriots (12-4) both won their divisions. The Colts also won their wild card match up last week with a 45-44 win over the Chiefs, and the Patriots finished the season with the #2 seed for the second year in a row.

How They Match Up:

These teams are so evenly matched on offense that it should be more about who DOSEN’T get injured that decides the winner of this one.


AVG. Points/Game (NFL Rank) – New England 27.8 (#4), Indianapolis 25.6 (#11)

AVG. Yards/Attempt: (NFL Rank)

Pass Attempt: Indianapolis 6.6 (#14), New England 6.5 (#16)

Rush Attempt: New England 4.4 (#10), Indianapolis 4.3 (#12)

Combined: Indianapolis 5.5 (#10), New England 5.4 (#13)


Average Points Allowed/Game (NFL Rank) – New England 21.1 (#10), Indianapolis 22.4 (#12)

AVG. Yards Allowed/Attempt: (NFL Rank)

Pass Attempt: New England 6.5 (#13), Indianapolis 7.0 (#22)

Rush Attempt: New England 4.5 (#24), Indianapolis 4.5 (#25)

Combined: New England 5.3 (#17), Indianapolis 5.6 (#22)

Stats provided by http://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/team-stats/

On defense the Patriots have a slight edge in every category I track.

The reason that I compare Points Earned vs. Allowed, and yards gained vs. allowed (PER ATTEMPT) is because simply comparing total yards doesn’t tell the story. Teams can accumulate massive yards without scoring.

When comparing the average yards on a per play basis, it gives a clear picture that is more easily understood. So, if two teams are very equal in their yards per play, both on offense AND defense, in very simplistic terms it then comes down to which team ends up with more plays over the course of the game. Obviously, a lot more goes into each game than a set of stats can predict.

In the Points For & Against category, the Patriots Offense averaged 2.2 more points gained than the Colts. Their Defense gave up 1.3 points per game less than the Colts this year. A difference of 3 1/2 points per game is certainly nothing to bet the vacation property on!

This 2013 NFL Divisional Round Game Two is the toughest game for me to pick a winner, so far! I still have the 49ers at the Panthers & the Chargers at the Broncos coming up, but if I’m forced to pick a winner here it is soley based upon the home field crowd. I guarantee you I will have NO MONEY on this game!

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