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You may click the NFL Teams News Feed menu button to get the General NFL News, or select an individual Team’s News Feeds from the drop down menu. Note: Due to the large volume of news items available, the loading time of the news feed you select may be a little slow on the first load, but it will be much quicker the second time on the link!

“NFL Links”

You may click the NFL Links menu button or select from the drop down menu for pages containing more than 400 links to NFL related sites. In the drop down menu, The pages of the Individual teams provide links to Fan Sites & Facebook Pages, along with a button for the Stat Site Links & Bios Page. Team pages contain Official Team Pantone color codes & much more.

“Stats Blog”

The Stats Blog button takes you to an RSS Feed that provides Blog Articles from all the most respected States Sites. It also updates continually.

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A bit about us.

We are a group of die-hard NFL fans with a variety of allegiances! We decided to build this site for the pleasure of fans like us who like to talk some trash, brag a bit, and compare our teams players to next week’s competitors in the upcoming game.

Each of the 32 NFL Teams has its own forum (Turfs List is on the left), and with our BuddyPress you can Start a Fan Group (click the groups button above) or join any one that you care to. Members can comment and start new threads in the forums. We allow media and links (2 link max/comment) in your posts and comments. Please report spam.

Of course, we all hate for the season to end, but we then fill the off-season with Draft Talk speculation, breakdowns on the College Talent, and of course trash talk about how good and bad certain teams are when drafting new talent.

All memberships are FREE, and talking trash is the game. Keep it clean, & fun. Personal attacks on other members are not tolerated, but their team & players are fair game.

Note: Once you set up an account, your USER NAME CANNOT BE CHANGED! We suggest that you use something that indicates who your favorite team is in your user name. (Example: BigBrownsFan, or BroncoBob, etc.)

To comment or post you must register by clicking the register button on the left in the top tool bar. You don’t have to be a member to enjoy the resources so… enjoy!

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