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Why The Bears Fans Are #6 On Facebook.

Why The Bears Fans Are #6 On Facebook.

07/06/2014 @ 9:13 am
by dchale5050
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Why The Bears Fans Are #6 On Facebook took a bit of thought!

The Chicago Bears Fans are a tough group for me to figure out, since the team hasn’t recently lived up to it’s Fan’s Loyalty. What I mean by that is that ‘Da Bears’ fans are more loyal than the team deserves, since they haven’t won a Super Bowl in almost 30 years (1985).

The thing that has helped is the fact that they last appeared in the big game (2006) two years following Facebook’s arrival in ’04, but ended up giving Peyton Manning his only Super Bowl ring with the Colts.

I’m fully expecting more winning years from them since they acquired QB Jay Cutler & WR Brandon Marshall. B Marsh’s first year (2012) was decent with a 10 – 6 season, but 2013’s 8 – 8 was a step in the wrong direction.

The team’s age doesn’t hurt, but as we learned in the “Facebook Ranks NFL Fans” study, age doesn’t factor in as much as Super Bowl wins and appearances do. It also doesn’t hurt that the team is the only NFL team in the state, and has a Host City population above 9 million.

However, neither of those factors have much affect on the loyalty of the fan base. The fact that the Bears won 8 NFL Championships BEFORE the Super Bowl ever existed did a lot to establish their fan base.

Now, they just need a few pieces to get back to a level that allows them to win their division consistently. For the past 7 years (since ’06) they’ve averaged just over 8 ½ wins per season, BUT, the fans stay loyal!

The Bears owe the Fans some wins, and if you really want to know why Chicago Bears fans are so loyal, just piss off Mike Ditka enough, and he will set you strait! if you haven’t “liked” the Official Bears Facebook Page, you can follow that link to do that. While you’re at it, you can Follow THIS Link and give a ‘like’ on ALL the Bears FB Fan pages on the list.

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