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Why The Bengals Fans Are #25 On Facebook

Why The Bengals Fans Are #25 On Facebook

07/20/2014 @ 7:10 pm
by dchale5050
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Why The Bengals Fans Are #25 On Facebook – Civil War In Ohio?

Head Coach Paul Brown guided the brand new Bengals franchise for it’s first 9 years taking them to the playoffs three times. Just five years later (1981), HC Forest Gregg got them to the Super Bowl where they lost by just 5 points to the 49ers.

Gregg had them in the playoffs again the next year, but lost the divisional game and in 1984 the team hired Sam Wyche to replace him. It took Wyche 5 years to get them to the playoffs, but they went all the way to the Super Bowl, and again met up with the 49ers losing by just 4 points!

By this time you can bet that Cincinnati Bengals Fans hate the ‘9ers with a passion! Then from 1989 – 2010 (22 years), the fans suffered through just 3 post season appearances. Oh ya, and even though the civil war in Ohio over the states fan base got a 3 year  vacation (’96 – ’98), the Browns came back to renew the rivalry.

Head Coach Marvin Lewis took over in 2003, and has taken the team to the playoffs four times in the last five years!

Now, Bengals fans have good reason to be excited. They won every home game last year, until the Wild Card game. The Bengals became a tougher team under Lewis, but Ray has managed to average just 8.1 wins per season in his eleven years in Cincinnati.

However, the last three seasons show a 10 win average and things are looking up. The organization has been patient with Lewis, and it appears that the patience is going to pay off! The past three drafts have netted 28 players, and all of them are still with the team! That’s the way to build folks, from the ground up.

Having 4 years worth of picks in the last three years is great management. Now all Marvin Lewis has to do is coach these guys into perennial NFL contenders and Bengals Fans will be pounding the internet with activity, and that includes Facebook ‘Likes’.

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