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Why The Broncos Fans Are #9 On Facebook

Why The Broncos Fans Are #9 On Facebook

07/09/2014 @ 5:09 pm
by dchale5050
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Why The Broncos Fans Are #9 On Facebook says a lot about a team that struggled early on in their history.

The #1 reason the Broncos fan base exploded is actually #7, John Elway! The fact that he has returned to the team in the front office is what has this team’s Fan Base on the rise, not to mention the recent win % since he’s arrived.

Anyone who isn’t aware of what John Elway has done in Denver over the past three years (4 drafts & Free Agent periods) simply isn’t a fan of the NFL. Since Elway brought Peyton Manning on board the Denver Broncos have won 26 regular season games in two years (81.25% wins) and appeared in the Super Bowl (2013).

The Broncos have managed to win the AFC West every year so far since Elway’s return, and that doesn’t appear like it will change anytime soon. Free agents have shown extraordinary interest in any opportunity to play for the team. The 2014 version seems primed for an even better year, if that’s possible, but it would have to include a Super Bowl win to be better than 2013.

If you read our recent post,Facebook Ranks NFL Fans”, you know that the Broncos are one of only 4 teams who’ve appeared in at least 7 Super bowls. I believe that the advantage Broncos Fans have right now, is that the guy calling the shots (Elway) also played the game at a Hall of Fame level and knows what he would want on the team if he was the quarter back.

He has been able to go get that. It appears to me that most of the pieces to that puzzle are now in place for a team that just lost a SB heart-breaker. When you visit the Broncos Fan sites it isn’t difficult to see that this is a group of fans that are on fire and on the rise.

Should the Broncos win it all this year, I believe their FB Likes will receive a substantial increase. If you haven’t ‘Liked’ the Broncos Official Facebook Page yet, then just follow that link! While you’re at it, Follow THIS Link and go ‘like’ ALL the Broncos Fan Pages on our Facebook links list!

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