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Why The Browns Fans Are #27 On Facebook

Why The Browns Fans Are #27 On Facebook

07/22/2014 @ 5:34 pm
by dchale5050
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Why The Browns Fans Are #27 On Facebook? Don’t blame ‘Johnny Football’!!!

From their first season in 1946, the Cleveland Browns franchise dominated professional football with 10 strait Championship appearances, winning the first 5 and last two! After missing the big game in ’56 they were back in ’57 but lost. They won again in 1964, lost in ’65, and never returned.

Since the introduction of Super Bowl Games in 1966, Cleveland Browns Fans have endured stretches of playoff starvation. They made the post season 5 out of 6 years (’67 – ’72), then two out of the next 12 years, & enjoyed 5 strait appearances (’85 – ’89) with the team Marty Schottenheimer built.

However, from 1990 to date, they’ve reached the playoffs just twice. Cleveland Browns Fans also watched the team move out of town leaving the city without a team for three years (’96-’98). Browns Fans haven’t enjoyed a post season game since the year before Facebook arrived in 2004.

Going through 5 head coaching changes in 7 years didn’t help. Since 1990, the team has averaged just 5.5 wins per season (116 wins), and so it is no big secret why Browns Fans haven’t been lighting up the internet with activity.

Enter… “Johnny Football”

With their 2nd first round pick in the 2014 draft, the Browns selected QB Johnny Manziel. The buzz surrounding this player may be all the Browns Fans needed to create a greater presence on Facebook.

The NFL announced on Monday that Johnny Manziel’s #2 Browns jersey outsold all others, and that is a great indication that interest in the Browns is on the rise. Sometimes all a team’s fans need is a little hope in the form of a charismatic signal caller, and we’ll see if he gets to start right out of the gate!

The Browns first time rookie head coach, Mike Pettine indicated that the starting job is up for grabs, and that he will name the starter following the third preseason game. Hmmmm. Interestingly enough, he also said that he may give each of his QB’s a preseason start.

It sure does add to the mounting excitement from Browns Fans having this much hoopla surrounding the up coming Training Camp. Now, all this group needs is for Pettine to get everyone on the same page, and that’s a tall order for a first year rookie HC!

What the Browns Fans really need…

…is a group of talented Cheerleaders to get this fan base hyped up! If you missed the article, “Facebook Ranks NFL Fans”, then you can follow that link.

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