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Why The Buccaneers Fans Are #28 On Facebook

Why The Buccaneers Fans Are #28 On Facebook

07/27/2014 @ 10:48 am
by dchale5050
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Why The Buccaneers Fans Are #28 On Facebook isn’t the fan’s fault.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fans watched their team win just 7 games during the first three years in the league (1976 – ’78), and in the 38 years they’ve been rooting for the team have enjoyed a Super Bowl win (2002) from one appearance. That was two years before Facebook arrived on the scene, and although batting 1,000 is a good thing, it is much better when it’s tied to multiple appearances.

Florida, California and New York are the only states that host three NFL teams, all fighting to win the allegiance of the local residents. The Tampa Bay area has close to 4 times the residents as the team has ‘likes’ on Facebook, so the size of the Host City isn’t a problem.

It doesn’t help fan activity when your all time passing leader (Vinny Testaverde) is a quarterback who played just 6 years for the team and has been gone since 1992. That tells me the team has struggled to find a true franchise QB.

All time rushing leader James Wilder has been gone since 1989, and like Vinny, the all time receiving leader (Mark Carrier) was with the team for just 6 years and has been gone since 1992! This tells me that the Buc’s Drafts have been underwhelming to say the least!

When you consider that Linebacker Derrick Brooks (1995 – 2008) is the Bucs player who is ranked “most valuable” all time, and that HC Jon Gruden is the coach with the most wins (57), it all begins to add up. Jon was with the team seven years and left in 2008.

Buccaneers Fans have not been given much to cheer about since Gruden took them to the Super Bowl during his first year (2002), with the team that Tony Dungy built! Bucs Fans have enjoyed just 1 winning season in the 5 years since Gruden left, and have seen three Head Coaching changes as well.

The team’s 38 years in the league has produced 10 playoff births (26%), 11 winning seasons (28.9%), and an average of just 6.1 wins per season (233 total wins). The “Million ‘Like’ question” is, “Are Buccaneers Fans about to see some seasons with back to back playoff appearances?” That would go a long way to increasing fan activity on the net.

Quarterbacks Josh McCown (12years), Mike Kafka (3years), Mike Glennon (2years) or Alex Tanney (2 years) don’t strike fear in any defensive coordinators hearts. So when are we going to see that change?

Hope springs eternal for Bucs Fans with the Hiring of Head Coach Lovie Smith. Smith left Chicago after 9 seasons with 56.3% wins, so that’s a step in the right direction. How long will it take for him to implement his program?

New Defensive Coordinator Leslie Frazier comes from the Vikings HC job and performed well as their DC before assuming the HC responsibilities. He’s a pass rush guru, and the Vikings lead the NFL in sacks (297) and were second in fumbles forced (114) during his seven year tenure.

The question-mark in this new coaching change is Offensive Coordinator Jeff Tedford. Tedford has no experience coaching in the NFL. He did well in the college ranks, and as the HC at the University of California the past 11 years he won 59% of his games.

He’s known in some circles as a quarterback guru, having developed six QB’s who were selected in the first round of the NFL draft, the most notable being Aaron Rodgers. Perhaps he’s just what this team needs since the roster has 3 QBs with a total of 5 years experience between them.

As Oregon’s Offensive Coordinator the team set all time school records in total offense, passing, & points scored. Then he took U of C from a losing program to Bowl eligible during 9 of his 11 seasons as HC there.

It may take this new crew a couple of years to whip this program into shape, but it looks to me like the formula for winning is now in place, and it’s just a matter of execution and the time for the team to acclimate to the new system.

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