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Why The Cardinals Fans Are #26 On Facebook

Why The Cardinals Fans Are #26 On Facebook

07/22/2014 @ 12:52 pm
by dchale5050
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Why The Cardinals Fans Are #26 On Facebook covers a 94 year history!

The Arizona Cardinals Fans original member became a fan at 10 years of age, was born in Chicago, and is a one hundred and four year old schizophrenic!

That’s right folks. 94 years ago (1920) is when the ‘Cardinals’ name was first used for a professional football franchise, and not only did it originate in Chicago, but the team spent 39 years there before moving 263 miles south to St. Louis, MO. Their most loyal fan soon made the move with them.

That old guy was 49 years old then, and he wasn’t about to switch his allegiance. The team had won a championship in Chicago when he was just 15, and he was hooked. He had to wait until he was 37 (1947) for that to happen again.

The sad part was that during those 22 years the team was really bad, and he suffered through back to back seasons (’43 & ’44) without even 1 win! But 1947 & ’48 saw them back in the championship game and they won the first contest.

Then came a 26 year stretch where the team failed to make the playoffs (1949 – 1973), and one might imagine that the old guy, now a fan for 53 years, would give up on the team, but not this DHF (die hard fan).

Back in the playoffs in ’74 & ’75, the St. Louis Cardinals Fans saw the team lose both times in the Divisional Round, and it took 7 more years to get back to the post season contest (1982). Then 16 more years passed (1983 – ’97) without a playoff appearance, but saw the team move 1,262 miles WSW to Phoenix, AZ (1988).

Now 78 years old, Mr. “DHF” was ready for a move to a warm dry climate and went with them. They played as the Phoenix Cardinals for 6 years before the final name change to the Arizona Cardinals took place in ’94.

It’s no wonder that the old fan is a little confused about where he is. His team went through 4 name changes & three Host Cities while he was a fan, and that doesn’t include the no win season in 1944 when they were the Chicago / Pittsburgh – Cardinal / Steelers during WWII.

During the Cardinals 94 years as a professional team, they have made the post season tournament just 9 times! The team has averaged just 5.4 wins per season (511 total wins), reaching the playoffs just 9.5% of the time.

Couple that with three different Host Cities, and it doesn’t provide the best incubator in which to grow a thriving fan base, but it finally looks like this team is headed in the right direction.

On The Rise!

Riding a 9-7 record to the Superbowl (1st appearance) in 2008 has Arizona Cardinals Fans on the rise, and new Head Coach Bruce Arians’ first year brought 10 wins.

Playing in what some call ‘the toughest division in the NFL’ makes it tough to win the division, and last years 10-6 record would have won the NFC North, while it tied the NFC East leading Eagles record. Another winning season, and a playoff birth would substantially increase the Cardinals Fans activity on the internet! They already have 11 FB fan pages with at least 1k ‘Likes’.

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