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Why The Chargers Fans Are #21 On Facebook

Why The Chargers Fans Are #21 On Facebook

07/18/2014 @ 3:52 pm
by dchale5050
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Why The Chargers Fans Are #21 On Facebook is Southern Cal’s fault.

The San Diego Chargers started off with a bang in 1960. They played in 5 Championship games in their first 6 years, winning one, but then the Super Bowl era began. From 1966 – 1978 (13 years) they failed to make the playoffs.

Then HC Don Coryell, (HC with most wins) and Dan Fouts (QB with most yards) made the playoffs 4 strait years. The next 24 years brought the fans just 5 more playoffs including a loss in the teams only Super Bowl appearance.

HC Norv Turner got off to a good start with 3 playoff appearances his first 3 of 6 years, but it wasn’t enough. Now, hope springs eternal with new HC Mike McCoy getting them back to the playoffs despite the fact that the AFC West was the AFC’s toughest division in 2013, producing three playoff contenders.

Philip Rivers seems to have revitalized his game, and put up some of the best stats of his career in McCoy’s system. The problem the Chargers face this year is the same as last year. Peyton Manning has been given an improved team to work with in Denver.

It appears to me that there is another issue that affects the activity of football fans in Southern California. It’s just my theory, but the weather is just to nice! There are too many other things to do in Southern California. Didn’t someone write a song about that?

Beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches and the bright lights of the entertainment industry must be a major distraction that fans of teams in many other host cities just don’t have to deal with. Why else would two NFL Teams in a city the size of Los Angeles move to much smaller communities?

Oakland and St. Louis aren’t near the size of LA, but the Raiders and Rams both opted out of town! I personally was skeptical of McCoy’s ability to run a team, but it appears that I was dead wrong. We’ll see what he brings this year.

What Chargers Fans need him to bring them is a Super Bowl Win. Perhaps then they will spend more time on line talking about the team! If you missed the article, “Facebook Ranks NFL Fans”, then you can follow that link.

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