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Why The Cowboys Fans Are #1 On Facebook.

Why The Cowboys Fans Are #1 On Facebook.

07/06/2014 @ 8:18 am
by dchale5050
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Why The Cowboys Fans Are #1 On Facebook is no mystery to “The Boys” fans.

Appearing in 5 Super Bowls from 1970 – ’78 (2 wins) with one of my all time favorite coaches Thomas Wade Landry is what put Dallas on the Popularity Map. Then a drought from ’78 until Jerry Jones bought the team in ’89 meant it was time for a change.

Although I loved Tom Landry as a Head Coach, some fresh blood was what the team needed, but I’m still a little bit miffed at JJ for the way he handled it. Just 4 years later The Boys were back, winning three Super Bowls in four years.

Those 3 wins re-established them as “America’s Team”. Any team that appears in 8 SB’s during a 26 year period (almost 1/3 of the Super Bowls during that span) are destined to build an enormous fan base.

Then the fact that they won all three out of the four years they appeared from 1993 – ’95 cemented their legacy. The strength of that time period has served to maintain the team’s status atop the Facebook popularity list, and the Cheerleaders have certainly not hurt that popularity.

However, since 1995, other teams have gained on them and threaten to take the lead. What the Cowboys need now is to figure out how to gain back the winning edge. The problem with this year is that they’ve had a few disappointments during the 2014 off season.

After cap constraints allowed D. Ware to shop the market for a new team, his replacement, 2nd year LB Sean Lee, is out for the season with an ACL tear. That’s not good for a Defense that needs a lot of help, and so this may not be their year.

It appears (to this NFL fan) that their hottest competition (Pittsburgh) isn’t going to gain much, if any, on them this season. Pitt has it’s own set of problems in their attempt to get back to consistent playoff appearances.

Since I posted the Facebook Ranks NFL Fans article, the Cowboys main FB page has gone from 6.8 Million likes to 6.913M in the past 3 weeks. In that same period, the Steelers improved to 5.697M. The race is on, so if you haven’t liked the Cowboys official FB page yet, then click the link and go for it! While you’re at it, Follow THIS Link and go ‘like’ ALL the Fan Pages on our Facebook links list!

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