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Why The Jaguars Fans Are #32 On Facebook

Why The Jaguars Fans Are #32 On Facebook

07/29/2014 @ 2:40 pm
by dchale5050
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Why The Jaguars Fans Are #32 On Facebook is a newcomers problem no other NFL team has ever faced!

Jacksonville Jaguars Fans had been rooting for Miami’s NFL team for 10 years before Tampa got their team and split up the state’s fan base. Nineteen years later the Jacksonville Jaguars arrive, the new kid on the block, during a time when a good looking signal caller in Miami named Marino owned the state.

It didn’t help that the Tampa team got on a roll from ’97 – 2002, or that the League had been reluctant to select Jacksonville to host a team due to the size of it’s TV audience. Really? You’re kidding me’ right?

I really don’t get the reasoning, since the 1990 census showed 900,000 people living in the Jacksonville metro area at that time, and when we compare that to Green Bay’s 105,000 at the 2012 census, it makes me wonder what makes the NFL think tank tick?

Selecting a relative unknown as the teams first head coach had the “experts” scratching their heads. HC Tom Coughlin had never even been a coordinator in the NFL, let alone a head coach, but would end up the teams coach & GM for the first 8 years.

After spending the first year acclimating the team to his program, Coughlin took them all the way to the Conference Championship game the very next year (’96) and again in 1999. The team reached the playoffs just two times during the 14 years following that loss in ’99.

We really can’t fault the owner Wayne Weaver too much since he gave both the first two head coaches (Coughlin & Jack Del Rio) 8 full years each to bring a winner to the city, but Jaguar Fans couldn’t have been too happy with him for the way he dismantled the team prior to selling it to Shahid Khan on Jan. 4, 2012.

Khan hired Mike Mularkey, and after a dismal 2 win season Mike was replaced with the Seahawks 4 year defensive coordinator, Gus Bradley who managed two more wins than Mularkey did during his first season (2013).

BUT, Guess what! I fully expect the first three picks of the 2014 draft to be heavy contributors THIS YEAR!

Many “experts” derided the Jaguars first round selection (3rd overall) as a major reach, but it’s obvious that the team brain trust saw some things in QB Blake Bortles’ highlight reel that the detractors didn’t see.

Chad Henne may start the season, but since he hasn’t impressed me (59.5 career comp. %) with his accuracy, I’ll be shocked if Bortles doesn’t replace him early in the season. With many strengths and few weaknesses, Blake has all the tools to be an excellent signal caller at this level. His minimal weaknesses (footwork etc.) can be easily corrected.

Gus Bradley now has some pretty good tools to get Jaguar Fans excited about, and the fact that the team is getting fans involved in the training camp activities will help a lot. Quite a few teams have been doing it for years, and it has worked well for all involved.

With fans at camp, players are invigorated and the sessions receive a burst of energy that fans always bring. It allows fans to have a closer contact with the players, and gives more opportunities for autograph sessions. There is no better way to build Jaguar Fans excitement that I know of!

Well, I take that back. Take these fans to the playoffs every year and that will also work pretty well, and an appearance in the Super Bowl would also help, but the ultimate Jaguars Fans Fever Builder is to win the big game. I know it, you know it, and now the team just has to put the work in to ‘Gittirdun’!

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