Jakob Walls Family  & Friend’s Birthday Tree

My Parents

Dwight Walls - DOB 12/28/69 ~~~ ?Mom? DOB mm/dd/yy

Jakob Walls

DOB 01/13/03

My Sister

Savanna (Walls) Martin - DOB12/20/94

Birth Dates of Jakob's Friends 

Send your list of names and dates to mybdtree@gmail.comBe sure to include the URL of the page they need to go on. Example: the URL for THIS page is: http://nfltrashtalk.com/jakob-walls-family-friends-birthday-tree/  Please share your  URL with your friends so that they can mail their names and dates to get listed in your frind's list.

A Special Offer for Jakob's Friends

IF you would like to get your own Family BD Tree set up for a small fee,

please e-mail me at mybdtree@gmail.com & I'll send you the details.


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