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Why The Lions Fans Are #22 On Facebook

Why The Lions Fans Are #22 On Facebook

07/20/2014 @ 9:31 am
by dchale5050
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Why The Lions Fans Are #22 On Facebook is no mystery.

Here we go again! A new head coach and staff in Detroit means there is a brand new playbook & language for the team to assimilate. After 80 years in Michigan, the Detroit Lions Fans are welcoming the teams 22nd Head Coach.

Of course that count doesn’t include the temporary fill ins for the times when the HC got dumped during the year. The worst stretch was the six years from 1938 – 43 when they had 6 different HC’s, but all in all, they’ve been fairly patient allowing 2 different head coaches 8 years to try and bring a winner to Detroit.

Prior to the merger & Super Bowl era, the Detroit Lions Fans enjoyed five appearances in the Championship game, with 4 wins! In the 48 years since the 1966 Super Bowl era the Lions Fans have enjoyed just 10 seasons with a playoff appearance (20.8%), and just once since the year 2000.

It isn’t any wonder that more Lions Fans are ice fishing than talking about the team on Facebook! I was born and raised in mid Michigan, and when the Lions got Barry Sanders I really thought that they would win a Super Bowl.

I thought the same thing about Billy Simms, but then they simply ran him into the ground, never putting the other pieces together that were needed. The 9 years from 1991 – 99 were the best stretch for the team making the playoffs 6 of those 9 years.

Famous for being the oldest team in the league who has never appeared in a Super Bowl isn’t the kind of fame that’s going to win new fans, but to at least appear in a Super Bowl would do a lot for Lions Fans who’ve stuck with the team through the years.

The Lions are loaded with talent on the offensive side of the ball, with names like ‘Megatron’, and the new HC Jim Caldwell may be what Matt Stafford needs to settle down and bring the consistency that is expected from a franchise QB. Having worked with Peyton Manning for years, Caldwell knows what a QB should be doing.

Can the Lions put it all together this year, or will it take a couple of years to get acclimated to the Caldwell way of doing things? Lions Fans have been extremely patient and deserve more than they’ve gotten over the past 80 years of rooting for the “Pride of Detroit”!

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