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This NFL Stats Links compilation provides the Top Links to the most respected NFL statistical information providers on the web. The Short Corporate bios are provided for your information.


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Pro-Football Reference (PFR)

Doug Drinen, Founder of PFR

.“I believe this is the most complete, well-organized collection of football data on the web.” Doug Drinen, Founder of PFR, is a mathematician and a sports fan. 

PFR is a website that provides in-depth statistics for all players and teams throughout the history of the NFL. The depth of the categories of information is extensive. One visit to the website, and you will understand the vast nature of the information provided.


Pro Football Focus (PFF)

Neil Hornsby, Founder and Owner of PRO-FOOTBALL FOCUS


Neil Hornsby, Founder and Owner of  PFF Analysis Ltd. PFFs’ unique grading system is rapidly becoming the standard used by NFL teams, player representatives, media and fans, via their website.  


Over The Cap

The Salary Cap Calculator Link

This site is the place to go on the net for the most comprehensive NFL Contract & Salary Cap knowledge I’ve found in one place. Founded by Jason Fitzgerald, Overthecap.com deals with contract analysis, player valuations, statistical analysis and much more.

Nick Korte recently joined Jason in his efforts to simplify the complicated NFL salary cap. Through Nick & Jason’s collaboration, the Salary Cap Calculator came into existance.

This tool allows the average fan to be able to see the outlook for the future of all 32 teams, including a listing of all contracted players, dead money, and pending free agents. Then, you will be able to execute transactions of your choice to see how the move impact’s the team’s cap situation. Enjoy!

Football Outsiders (FO)

AARON SCHATZ, Founder of Football Outsiders

AARON SCHATZ is the creator of FO, and most of the original statistical methods used in the NFL analysis on his website.

As Editor-in-Chief, Aaron launched “the revolution in football analytics” when his website FootballOutsiders.com went online in July 2003. Check out the Footer Categories: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis, & Interesting Information.


Team Rankings (TR)

NFL Stats LinksTeam Stats, Total Offense, Total Defense, Special Teams

Mike Greenfield founded TR in 1997. Tom Federico, now CEO,  joined in 2004. Tom handles product strategy, marketing, media relations, & business development while Mike primarily advises TR in the areas of analytics and strategy. Mike still does hands-on work refining models and building functionality.


Advanced Football Analytics

Brian Burke

Founded by Brian Burke, Advanced NFL Stats (who just recently changed their name to (AFA) uses real statistical methods–regression, tests of significance, game theory, simulation and other advanced techniques. This isn’t the kind of analysis you get on TV, and it’s not for everyone.

Brian Burke says, “What I’m interested in is analysis. What makes a winning team? Is it better to go for it or punt on 4th and short at the 50 yard line? Which teams are most likely to make the playoffs? How much does luck play a part in any game?” Advanced NFL Stats tries to answer those questions and many others.

Cold Hard Football Facts (CHFF)

STATS, Power Rankings

Kerry J. Byrne


Founded by CHFF publisher Kerry J. Byrne,  the Cold, Hard Football Facts are built upon the bedrock of our Quality Stats, those indicators that have a direct correlation to winning football games. Our ground-breaking Quality Stats power the winning game coverage at CHFF Insider, which has produced an incredible record of success analyzing teams and games for football fans.



ESPN NFL Stats are well-known for their rapid updating of stats following each game. If you are in a hurry to get the latest basic stats following each game, this is a good source.

CBS Sports NFL Stats

This page at CBS Sports is a quick source for the “Leader Boards”, the top performers in every class, and is continually updated after each week’s performance.

Fox Sports NFL Stats

Like CBS, this page at Fox Sports is a quick source for the “Leader Boards”, the top performers in every class, and is continually updated after each week’s performance.


If you know of any other excellent sources of statistical information and analysis, please Contact Doug @ 1nfltrashtalk@gmail.com. Thanks. Take a minute to become a member. We welcome your comments & posts.

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