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NFL Trash Talk Word Wars

NFL Trash Talk Word Wars

01/15/2014 @ 7:43 pm
by dchale5050
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Let The Word Wars Begin.

The Word Wars just never end! Over at Hile High Report, the Pats & Broncos fans are going at it in the latest debate on which team has lost more players to injury, and to off season acquisitions. I guess some Bronco fans are jealous of the fact that the MSM (main stream media) gives more love to the Patriots than to the Denver Broncos.

Let’s take a look!

by PinoyPatsFan

whaaaa? you guys here on MHR must be on some pretty strong stuff.

Only deluded fools would think that Champ is still elite. Economist Erik is right. He’s sooooooooooooo old. His equal to the Pats would probably be Adrian Wilson so theres that.

Clady = Vollmer. Arguable though. Vollmer might be the best right tackle or maybe top 3 in the league, but Clady can’t even sniff Solder’s jock.

Von Miller = Jerod Mayo. But Mayo is more important to our defense. Same goes for Wilfork over Vickerson.

Gronk = all the other chumps you lost and then some.

So we still have Spikes, Kelly and the others that have no equal on your team so you really can’t compare the Donks to us.

Can’t wait till we kick your a$ses at home. Lol

Alrighty then, & the Word Wars Continue!

by the_prodigal_fan

Dude, seriously?

You think Vollmer is the equal of Clady and Mayo the equal of Mayo (He meant to say Von Miller but in the heat of the moment) and you say that WE’RE on strong stuff?? Have you ever watched a game of football? Seriously man, meth kills. Just say no.

Then the voice of reason is heard:

By shasta77

Not to put too fine a point on it, but loss of a starter is loss of a starter, and the impact it has on the whole team is immediate

You and I can go round and round on whether or not our starters are as good as your starters, but the position they held on the team is irrefutable. Is losing Gronk as vital as losing Big Vick? They are both still starters and the whole deck shuffles with their loss.

For our scheme Wolfe wasn’t insignificant, just like Kelly wasn’t for yours (but was enough so that the Raiders were happy to see him go). So isn’t it less about the actual player and more about the role they played that hurts when they’re gone? (Great point)

Harris is a huge loss for us simply because he played more snaps on defense (by more than 100) than anyone on the team. Which means his versatility was part of the defensive scheme. Without him, that fundamentally changes.

Just like the NE playing calling in the Red Zone with no Gronk. Doesn’t mean you still can’t score, just means certain calls that you would have made are likely off the table.

I love that both of these teams have made it this far, because there are no elite teams that had the widespread and continuous loss of significant talent that we both suffered.

So let’s not get into a pointless pissing contest of how you’re players were better than ours and recognize that they were starters on both sides, and their loss was significant in what each of our teams could or couldn’t do without them.

Just What Did Happen?



Sports illustrated gives an excellent Exaustive List of the weekly injury reports for all 32 NFL Teams, and so there are no Word Wars worth having on the subject, but then what would there be to trash talk about?

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