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Why The Packers Fans Are #4 On Facebook.

Why The Packers Fans Are #4 On Facebook.

07/06/2014 @ 8:59 am
by dchale5050
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 Why The Packers Fans Are #4 On Facebook may seem obvious to Fans… 

Because the “Cheese Heads” of Wisconsin are the only fans in the NFL who own their team. That’s right, there is no meddling owner who keeps sticking their nose in where it shouldn’t be. Just Owner-Fans who couldn’t possibly be more loyal.

The simple fact that an NFL host city that barely breaks the 100,000 residents mark is ranked #4 on Facebook is remarkable, and it gives us pause as to exactly why the Green Bay Packers beat out both of NY Cities franchises.

If you read our recent post “Facebook Ranks NFL Fans” you know that NYC has almost 4 times the population as the whole state of Wisconsin! The Packers and Giants have both appeared in 5 Super Bowls, and both won 4 out of 5, and yet The Pack lead the Giants in Facebook likes by roughly 800,000!

A little calculator fun? If Green Bay had a population the size of NYC, how many Facebook likes would they have based upon their current “Population vs. Likes” ratio? (Rough estimates on population.)

Current Population = 105K / FB Likes = 4,304,246 (Updated 7/2/14) Dividing the FBL by the CP we get roughly 41 likes for every person living in Green Bay!

New York City Population = 19 million. If we use the 41 to 1 ratio, and Green Bay was the size of NYC, then The Pack would have roughly 780M likes on Facebook.

The State of Wisconsin is roughly 5 Million people, and so it appears that almost everyone in the state has liked the official Packers FB Page. Of course, the truth is that this NFL team has a wide spread active fan base.

Part of the reason for it, in my opinion, are these three things. SB win% is high, the Team is owned by the Fans, and the latest SB appearance was just 4 years ago, but it is obvious to this NFL Fan that the Packers Fans within the Host State are very active.

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