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Quarterback Controversy In Chicago? – Week 17

Quarterback Controversy In Chicago? – Week 17

12/23/2013 @ 3:39 pm
by dchale5050
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A week 17 quarterback controversy in Chicago is NOT what you want to have just one week before the playoffs begin, not if you are hoping to be playing in the tournament!

I thought that the Chicago Bears looked like the team to beat in the NFC North this year, but I didn’t expect them to be hanging on by a game at this point. I’m wondering how many strikes Jay Cutler will get before he is OUT!

STRIKE ONE – (CHI first 3 & out) On 3rd and 3 at CHI 26, Cutler gets sacked at CHI 18 for -8 yards by OLB Trent Cole. Trent has 8 sacks & 3 FF this year. Put someone on that guy! Then Podlesh shanks a punt 25 yards (out of bounds) to CHI 43.

Seven plays later, with a 3rd and 5 at CHI 5, Nick Foles hits Riley Cooper for a 5 yard TD & it’s 7 – 0.

Now it’s time for the Chicago’s Special Teams unit to screw up! Hester recieves the kick a yard in the in-zone & gets a good return out to the Chicago 35 for 36 yards, BUT FUMBLES. Bradley Fletcher forced it, & Cary Williams recovered at the Chicago 39. Fumble GIF

For a guy that has just 15 starts in his first two years in the league, QB Nick Foles was allowed to look like a seasoned veteran against the Chicago defense.

On the very first post-fumble play, 1st and 10 at CHI 39, he hit rookie (2 starts) TE Zach Ertz with a 27 yard pass to the Chicago 12. Four plays later, RB LeSean McCoy got an easy 1 yard TD & the Bears are down by two scores! Plenty of game clock left, so no worries!

Time for Jay Cutler & the Chicago offense to get rolling and stop all that QB controversy talk, RIGHT?

STRIKE TWO – Wrong! It was time for Chicago’s second 3 & out, and after the first 9 minutes of play, the Eagles are up by two TDs, with possession of the ball, and take just a minute and 27 seconds to make it 21 – 0.

STRIKE THREE – Finally, Jay Cutler gets the ball back, and this time he improves his play. He goes FOUR & OUT, but at least that’s better than three & out, right? I can hear the whispers amoungst the players about “That Other QB” already.

Finally, the Chicago defense showed up and forced a punt, but not until the Eagles wasted 4:18 min. of the clock. Now Jay gets another shot to redeam himself, but after 9 plays, while in the Eagles red zone, Jay got sacked twice on back to back plays for minus 19 yards. (That’s 3 sacks so far!)

After failing to complete his next pass to B. Marshall, Chicago had to punt. The Eagles then burned another 4 minutes before settling for a Field Goal, making the score 24 – ZIP with a minute seven seconds left in the half!

Back against the wall? Now Jay throws two completions to Alshon Jeffery, 21 yards & 17 yards, scrambles for 11 yards and sets Robbie Gould up for a 50 yard field goal as time expires.

The second half has to be better than this right?

Philadelphia had first possession in the third quarter, but the Chicago defense managed to force a punt. If the punt hadn’t been downed at the Chicago 2 yard line, then the next play would never have happened.

Matt Forte tackled in End Zone for -2 yards, SAFETY! Just adding insult to injury right there. Now, after the punt, the Eagles need just 6 plays to make it 33 – 3. I’m a little disgusted at this point in the game!

During Chicago’s next 13 play scoring drive, Jay Cutler sustains his 4th sack of the game, but manages to get the TD along with the 2 point conversion attempt to end the 3rd quarter.

The Chicago D needs a stop badly right here, but the Eagles spend 3:41 of clock time to add another TD to make matters worse. NOW, Jay! Now it’s time! Your back is against the wall. You need 29 points in the next 11:19 minutes!

Instead, seven plays later, Jay throws a pick six and gets benched. Josh McCown comes in and does his best Jay Cutler impression with a THREE & OUT!

Now, a pissed off Chicago Defense allows rookie RB Bryce Brown of the Eagles to score their shortest 1 play (10 seconds) TD drive of the year, with a 65 yard TD run out of the shotgun! You couldn’t blame the D-line if they took a play off right there, as the O-line seemed like they took the entire game off!

The last two series of the game were uneventful, but I’m guessing that the Draft Talk this year will include some help for the Bears O-line! Folks, this was the forgettable Bears game of the ages, where absolutely nothing went right.

Time to rebound, and it’s the worst time to be having a quarterback controversy, right before the playoffs!

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