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Why The Raiders Fans Are #10 On Facebook


Why The Raiders Fans Are #10 On Facebook

07/11/2014 @ 11:32 am
by dchale5050
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Why The Raiders Fans Are #10 On Facebook speaks highly of a fan base that is starving for a winning season!

The great thing the fans have going for them is that Al Davis can no longer meddle with the management and draft picks, and that fact gives the team an opportunity to gain some continuity.

When your All-Time Top Player by AV (approximate value) is a Center (Jim Otto) who hasn’t played since 1974, your greatest Head Coach (John Madden) hasn’t been around since 1978, your best All-time Quarterback (Ken Stabler) left in 1979, & your best Running Back (Marcus Allen) has been gone since 92, then you have to be happy that you at least had your best receiver of all time (Tim Brown) to root for from 1988 – 2003 (16 years).

The Oakland Raiders Fans deserve a winning season, having tolerated eleven strait years without one. The team has averaged 4.8 wins per season during that stretch, and it’s no real surprise why! Seven Head Coaches in eleven years is not the recipe for success, and yet through it all the Raiders fans have remained faithful.

Spending 13 years in Los Angeles certainly helped the team to increase their fan base, and even the move back to Oakland didn’t seem to hurt. Raider Fans are die hard, come what may fans, and win or lose they have remained strong!

HC Dennis Allen is beginning his third year, after being brought into a position on a team that was in dire need of salary cap relief. It takes time to rebuild a team, let alone one that is in Cap Hell, but it appears that the team is finally going to give a head coach a legitimate shot at an attempt to right the ship!

The problem this year will be the fact that they are playing in the AFC West, (last years toughest AFC Division) and must also play the NFC West teams (the NFC’s toughest division). That covers 10 of their 16 games, and only one of those teams (St Louis 7-9) recorded a losing season last year.

My opinion is that it will take yet another year of good drafts to right the ship, and that the team’s management had better be ready to keep the coaching staff in place for a fourth year, regardless of how the 2014 season turns out. This was NOT a quick fix situation that they brought Dennis Allen into.

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