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Why The Rams Fans Are #31 On Facebook

Why The Rams Fans Are #31 On Facebook

07/28/2014 @ 2:35 pm
by dchale5050
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Why The Rams Fans Are #31 On Facebook is Cleveland & L. A.’s fault!

Just imagine the difference if the Rams had originated in St. Louis! Cleveland Rams Fans who remember the 1947 Championship the team won were ticked off that their team moved the very next year to Los Angeles! From 1937 – ’45 the Cleveland Rams reached the playoffs just once, and won it all.

The first three years in L.A. were nothing to speak of, but the next four were excellent with the team reaching the Championship game 3 years in a row winning one. After losing a Championship game in ’55, the team hit an extensive slump reaching the playoffs just twice in 17 years.

Chuck Knox arrived in 1973, and the L. A. Rams were in the post season all but 3 of the next 17 years, 5 with Knox, 3 with Ray Malavasi (including a Super Bowl loss) and 6 with John Robinson.

Next came a 9 year dry spell that saw Knox return for another 3 years, and it was after his last year (’94) that the team moved to St. Louis. The St. Louis Cardinals had moved to Phoenix in 1985, & football fans in St. Louis had been waiting patiently since then for another team to arrive.

St. Louis Rams Fans love what happened next. In 1998 Dick Vermeil found QB Kurt Warner bagging groceries, pulled him out of retirement, and together they finally brought the Rams Fans a Super Bowl win in ’99.

That was Vermeil’s last year with the team, but Warner & Mike Martz got them back to the big game two years later (2002) losing by a field goal to the Patriots. Since Martz left in ’04, Rams Fans have suffered through 9 losing seasons in a row.

Enter Les Snead & Jeff Fisher! I absolutely love the rebuild that’s happening in St. Louis. The youngest team in the league, in average age of the players, is ready to show what they can do right now!

The second and third year players are now past the acclimation period, needed by most rookies to get up to speed with the NFL, and the depth of the talent brought in during the past three drafts will begin to show up BIG in 2014. St. Louis Rams Fans have plenty of reasons to be excited.

I believe that the excitement is already showing up based upon their recent activity on Facebook. I had 499 Rams fans engage in just one entry I made on the NFL Trash Talk Facebook Page! That’s the record so far.

Things are definitely looking up for Rams Fans, and since they have been the most active fans on our Facebook page, that tells me that things are heating up in St. Louis! I think that Jeff Fisher was just what the city needed to give the team direction, and it’s what Fisher needed as well.

Fishers long tenure with the Houston/Tennessee Oilers/Titans was one where I believe he lacked a good front office support structure. The teams drafts left a lot to be desired, especially in Nashville, where they missed big on quarter back picks.

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