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Why The Ravens Fans Are #14 On Facebook

Why The Ravens Fans Are #14 On Facebook

07/14/2014 @ 2:24 pm
by dchale5050
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Why The Ravens Fans Are #14 On Facebook may surprise you.

Just who are you going to root for if you live in Baltimore, Maryland? Indianapolis? Washington? Philadelphia? I don’t think so.

Much like the residents of Houston, TX, Baltimore’s football fans watched their team move out of town, and wondered if they’d ever get another team to root for. After 13 years it happened, and the State of Maryland couldn’t be happier.

Fresh off a 2012 Super Bowl win, Baltimore Ravens Fans have pounded “The Ravens Official Facebook Page Like Button” with regularity, and if you haven’t done that yet you can follow that link and ‘gittirdun’.

Just a teenager in NFL years, the Ravens are the youngest team to reach the top half of the league on theFacebook Ranks NFL Fanspopularity list. The other “Teens” are the Texans #20, Panthers #23, Browns #27, Titans #29, Rams #31 and Jaguars #32.

The 2012 season lead up to a Super Bowl that couldn’t have been planned better. The hype surrounding two teams with brothers as Head Coaches is something that may never happen again, and it certainly was a great time for a young team like Baltimore to win it all, AGAIN!

The older brother (by one year) prevailed.

Unlike the following Superbowl, this one was a battle that went down to the last few seconds, and yards. I’d vote for it as the best ever, since it was the highest scoring Super Bowl played (34 – 31) with a 3 point winning margin EVER. Super Bowl Xlll gets my second vote when Pittsburgh beat Dallas by 4 points (35 – 31) back in 1979!

All eyes were on Baltimore as they handed San Francisco it’s only Super Bowl Loss in it’s 68 year history, robbing them of bragging rights with the Steelers (6 wins). Nice job Baltimore Fans! They couldn’t have done it without you!

Ravens Fans enjoyed 5 strait years of play off opportunities since HC John Harbaugh arrived, but last years 8 – 8 season was to be expected after several key players retired or left through free agency.

However, perhaps the single best reason for Ravens Fans to be excited is their GM/EVP Ozzie Newsome. The Fans gave Joe Flacco a big raise, but it’s not Flacco who will keep them in contention for the big prize. It’s the way Ozzie Newsome keeps stocking the team with talent that will do it.

Having served the Browns organization in several capacities in Cleveland (’91 – ’95), Newsome had risen quickly in his value to the team, and it was a no brain-er for Art Modell to promote him to VP of Player Personnel when the team moved to Baltimore.

In the next 5 years, Ozzie’s drafts produced a Super Bowl winner (2000), and justified his election for the 2000, Executive of the Year Award. That Ravens Defense produced two NFL records (16 game season), allowing just 165 points & 970 rushing yards! Simply amazing.

Barring some crazy, unimaginable and unforeseen circumstance, Ravens Fans will have a contender to root for, just as long as Ozzie Newsome continues his magic show!

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