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Why The Redskins Fans Are #18 On Facebook

Why The Redskins Fans Are #18 On Facebook

07/16/2014 @ 6:23 pm
by dchale5050
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Why The Redskins Fans Are #18 On Facebook – Does the city’s political population have an affect? Probably not.

With a suburban population of roughly 5.5 million, Washington D.C. Is a city like no other. It appears that exactly how much of the cities working population are politicians is some kind of closely guarded NSA secret or something. At least I couldn’t find anyone sharing that info.

The reason for my interest is that there must be a significant group of out of town representatives, and their staff, who are fans of teams from their state (or some other state). I’m just wondering if DC is the only city with a sports bar for each of the 32 teams?

I’m guessing you’ll find some pretty good size groups in pubs here and there, of fans rooting for someone other than the Skins, but that’s just a guess. If that were true, then it might explain the very thing that I can’t figure out.

The Redskins won a Championship the very first year they moved into town from Boston in 1937, and another in ’42. Since the Super Bowl era they’ve won three and lost two. That’s what has me puzzled. Why aren’t Washington Redskins Fans more active on Facebook?

Perhaps the fact that 22 years ago was the last SB Win & also the last appearance, or the fact that making the playoffs just 5 times since ( 22.7%), has caused the fans to lose their fire.

Eight out of 12 years was a good run of playoffs with Joe Gibbs, and five out of seven years with George Allen before him, but “What have you done for me lately” comes to mind here. Since Facebook arrived in 2004 Skins Fans have suffered through 6.6 wins per season on average. If I lived in D.C. I’d be bummed out!

It was starting to look like Shanahan couldn’t coach anyone but Elway, and the switch to the new crew this year may bring a renewed hope. I’m guessing RGIII is a happy camper! Perhaps the fact that HC Jay Gruden & EVP/GM Bruce Allen worked together in Tampa Bay will help to make this group work.

 All but 3 players from the last 4 drafts are still playing somewhere in the league, so the drafts haven’t been all bad. Redskins Fans just need some winning seasons to fan the fire back into a blaze.

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