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Why The Saints Fans Are #5 On Facebook.

Why The Saints Fans Are #5 On Facebook.

07/06/2014 @ 9:06 am
by dchale5050
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Why The Saints Fans Are #5 On Facebook may surprise you.

In a recent article, “Facebook Ranks NFL Fans”, we compared all 32 NFL teams in several areas. Here is the list on the Saints:

  • Facebook Likes = 3.7 million
  • Host City Population = 1.2 million (estimate U.S. Census 2012)
  • Team Age = 47 years
  • Super Bowl Appearances = 1
  • Super Bowl Wins = 1
  • Super Bowl Losses = 0
  • Super Bowl Win % = 100%
  • Last SB Appearance = 2009
  • Last SB Win = 2009

In late August of 2005 the largest, and third most powerful hurricane recorded to strike US soil, Hit New Orleans and buried 80% of the city under water, some areas as deep as 20′. This disaster, the most costly of it’s kind in the USA, brought world wide attention to the city.

More than 70 countries donated funds to the disaster relief, with Kuwait (500M) leading the way. China, India, Qatar, Bangladesh and Pakistan were other countries that sent substantial contributions to the disaster relief fund.

The fact is: This disaster focused The Entire World’s Attention on the Louisiana Super Dome, home of the New Orleans Saints, and temporary refuge for more than 20,000 people.

Countries who’s populations at large had never heard of the New Orleans Saints watched hours of footage that used the Super Dome as a focal point. There’s just no way of knowing how many world wide fans became Saints fans after learning about them through the Katrina Disaster.

In the face of that disaster, the Saints only managed 3 Wins in 2005, but bounced back in ’06 with a 10 – 6 win-loss record. They floundered around for the next two years before winning it all to end the ’09 season.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the Saints gained a substantial number of fans world wide who may have begun rooting “for the underdog” to rise above the great difficulties that their Host City faced. When they delivered the Ultimate Prize in ’09 it catapulted them into stardom.

The Saints have averaged 10.5 wins during the four years since that championship, but won their division just once in 2011 since winning it all.

The New Orleans Saints Fans should be proud, as they have defied all the odds! The Saints and New York Jets are the only teams who made the top half of the NFL (in FB Popularity) while appearing in just 1 Super Bowl.

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