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Why The Seahawks Fans Are #12 On Facebook

Why The Seahawks Fans Are #12 On Facebook

07/13/2014 @ 12:35 pm
by dchale5050
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Why The Seahawks Fans Are #12 On Facebook is due to the last 11 years.

More correctly, we could say its the 12th MAN making it #12! Averaging 7 wins per season during your first 20 years in the league doesn’t do much to kick start a thriving fan base, but that’s what happened to the fans in Seattle.

Mike Holgrem’s arrival in ’99 began to right the ship, with 5 strait playoffs, and a Super Bowl appearance from ’03 – ’07. Landing in the Super Bowl in ’05, and then winning it this past year (2013 season) has Seattle Seahawks Fans on the rise! The Team has made the playoffs in 8 of the last 11 seasons!

The change to Pete Carroll has solidified a winning attitude that Seahawks Fans have been patiently awaiting. The drafts since Pete’s arrival have panned out well, and the team is young, talented & poised for another run to that coveted World Championship Game.

What’s not to Like about that? The fact that these changes have taken place during Facebook’s rise in popularity (ranked #2 in traffic Globally) is the reason for their gains on the list, and if you haven’t read theFacebook Ranks NFL Fansarticle, you can follow that link.

The Seattle Seahawks Fans (2,384,801 Likes, as of 7/13/14) are chasing the Raiders (2,685,049 likes) and only lack 300k likes from catching them. I’m thinking that another year like last year is all they may need to make a big jump.

If you haven’t ‘Liked’ the Seahawks Official Facebook Page, you can follow that link to do it. While you’re at it, you can Follow THIS Link and give a ‘Like’ on ALL the Seahawks FB Fan pages on the list.

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