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Why The Texans Fans Are #20 On Facebook

Why The Texans Fans Are #20 On Facebook

07/18/2014 @ 11:14 am
by dchale5050
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Why The Texans Fans Are #20 On Facebook has an interesting twist.

Supporting the youngest team in the league, Houston Texans Fans have come out strong surpassing many teams who are much older. The Lions 80 years, Bills 54, Chargers 53, Chiefs 51, Bengals 46 and Buccaneers 38 have all been around at least three times longer, but trail the Texans on the FB popularity list.

With the Oilers in town for 36 years, Houston’s NFL Fans were supportive, but that all changed in 1997 when Bud Adams moved the team to Nashville, TN.

Fans were so angry about the move that the Oilers ended up playing before crowds of 20,000 the year before the move. In an attempt to satisfy Bud Adams, improvements had been made to the Astrodome, and Houston residents are still paying for those improvements.

Houston only had to wait seven years to get a new team to root for. They also got the new stadium that Bud Adams had wanted, and if the city had given Bud his stadium the move to Tennessee may never have happened.

Twelve years isn’t much time to build a fan base, but former Oilers Fans were more than happy to divorce Bud Adams team and to begin courting the hometown Texans, and even though the team has yet to appear in a Super Bowl they have made good progress.

The Texans owner, Bob McNair, has impressed me with his patience, giving Dom Capers 4 years and Gary Kubiak 8 years, as head coaches, to try and get his new team into contender status.

2014 brings in a new group of coaches with former New England Patriots OC Bill O’Brien being named the head coach, only the third in the Texans franchise history. The great thing that Texans Fans have to be excited about is the accumulation of talent brought in through the drafts.

I have a pretty good feeling that it won’t take O’Brian long to bring this group into perennial contender status, battling the Colts, Jaguars & Titans twice a year. If you missed the article,Facebook Ranks NFL Fans”, then you can follow that link.

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