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Texans' stadium photos

Team Pantone colors:




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FAN Sites:

SB Nation Battle Red Blog

The SB Nation sites are fan sites with fans & staff members contributing tons of informative articles on the Xs' & Os' of the game, along with the latest news on your favorite teams. It is a great place to learn more about the game of football, to have serious discussions about team issues and meet fans from your favorite team. 

SB Nation members, for the most part, are well-educated fans who enjoy good football conversations on specific topics. Fans from all teams are welcome to join any conversation as long as they can leave the trash talk out of it!

The Texans Links may not be all inclusive. If you know of any Texans Fan Site that we should include, please send the URL to Doug, 1nfltrashtalk@gmail.com

Texans FaceBook Links List:

Fan Pages:

Texans Official FB Page 1.5 Million Likes (6/14)

Houston Texans Cheerleaders 141k Likes (6/14)

Houston Texans S.W.A.T.T. Team 112k Likes (6/14)

Houston Texans Fan 106k Likes (06/08/14)

Houston Texans Fanatics 23k Likes (06/08/14)

Houston Texans Houston Rockets Everything 22k

Houston Texans Memes 19k Likes (06/08/14)

Houston Texans Fanpage 15.7k Likes (06/08/14)

People who love the Houston Texans 6.3k Likes 

Houston Texans 411 6k Likes (06/08/14)

Keep Houston Texans Tailgating Open 3.7k Likes 

Houston Texans Pro 1.9k Likes (06/08/14)

I Love The Houston Texans 1.8k Likes (06/08/14)

Texans Nation 1.8k Likes (06/08/14)

Houston Texans Fan Club of San Antonio 1.8k

Houston Texans Fans 1.4k Likes (06/08/14)

Player Pages Coming Soon


The Football Mall

Grand Opening

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