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Why The Titans Fans Are #29 On Facebook

Why The Titans Fans Are #29 On Facebook

07/27/2014 @ 1:46 pm
by dchale5050
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Why The Titans Fans Are #29 On Facebook is the Houston Oilers fault.

I dare say that most Tennessee Titans Fans didn’t move here from Houston! I’m also fairly certain that there are absolutely zero former Oiler fans who aren’t Texans Fans now, so the Titans Fans are pretty much local to Tennessee.

This is the very reason why the Texans Fans are ahead of the Titans Fans in Facebook activity, since they all were Oilers fans before the team moved to Nashville. Now, Tennessee finally has a professional NFL team, and the fan base is growing fast.

Titans Fans are ahead of the 54 year old Bills Fans by 145k ‘Likes’, and just need the brand new 2014 coaching crew, lead by HC Ken Whisenhunt, to get this team on track in a hurry.

Whisenhunt spent last year as the Chargers OC. After 6 years with the Cardinals, where he guided them to the Super Bowl following the ’08 season, he is the Cardinals all time “winning” HC sporting a losing (.469%) record. That doesn’t say much for the Cardinals franchise!

The gnawing questions for me are on this new staff.

Defensive coordinator Ray Horton has 3 years experience in the position, and worked with Whisenhunt in Arizona as DC for two of those years. Last year he was with the Browns, and we all know what happened with the shakeup over there this year.

I believe that Horton will do an excellent job in Nashville. He will flip-flop between a 4-3 & 3-4 base defense quite comfortably based upon his personnel. His successful 10 year NFL career as a CB/FS in the Bengals & Cowboys backfields certainly doesn’t hurt.

Jason Michael as offensive coordinator is a big question mark for me. He has just 8 years NFL coaching experience, but none as an OC. Whisenhunt met him during his year in San Diego, and he was impressed enough with Jason to believe he can coach him up into the position. We’ll see.

Offensive line coach Bob Bostad is another coach with very little NFL experience(two years as O-line coach for Tampa). His 23 years total coaching experience has seen him prepare for his shot in the NFL.

Defensive backs coach “Louie” Cioffi also came from the Browns and has 18 years NFL experience. He also coached under Whisenhunt in Arizona & should continue to do well.

Running backs coach Sylvester Croom was a steal with his excellent resume. He got the boot along with every other coach in Tampa after last season. Look for Dexter McCluster to reinvent himself this year with Croom’s help.

First year special teams coordinator Nate Kaczor is another question mark. He’s another rookie at his position, and the fact that he was kept from last years group of Tennessee coaches is surprising since this makes only his second year with the team, and only his 6th year as an NFL coach.

It appears that Ken Whisenhunt isn’t afraid to give rookie coaches a shot at a new position, and is secure in his ability to bring them all together. Now all he needs to do to increase the Titans Fans excitement on line is to win, win, and win some more.

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