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Venden Seminar Notes #11 – Why I Like A Good Funeral

04/07/2015 @ 2:11 pm
by dchale5050
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What makes a funeral good?

When the one who ‘sleeps’, and those who came to pay their respects

have a great friendship with God.

What if you just got news that you have a terminal illness?

What would you do different?


Why is Solomon saying this?



The point of it all is that we all naturally think about things of an eternal nature when at a funeral, but rarely, or never think about them at a party or feast.

We ALL have a terminal illness called SIN. We’re all going to die. The Marble Gardens or The Barry Patches are everywhere just waiting for another casket. Silent monuments to broken hearts.




So, we’re all going to die. We just don’t know when, where or how.

Are you depressed yet? Well that’s the bad news, but the good news is so much better.



There is no such thing in the Bible as terminal illness to them who love God and believe on His Son. Jesus referred to death as sleep when he was talking about his friends.


One day Jesus will say that about the millions of sleeping Saints when he comes to end the reign of sin once and for all! “I go that I may wake them out of sleep.” John mentions over and over that we already HAVE eternal life now, not that we’ll get it some day, but we have it NOW!

Now Morris compares death and sleep showing that while we are asleep we have no semblance of the passing of time, and so it is in death. Also, that our thoughts will take up where they left off when we awake!

If I die as a saved individual, in a head on collision one night, I’ll wake up & see the bright light of Jesus coming and & I might think for a moment that I’m about to get hit head on, until I look around and see my angel standing there.

Next Morris tells the story of the Barber who liked to talk politics and religion and when explaining that he came from a long line of preachers of The Gospel Morris realized that the guy most likely figured he was just in it because it was the “Family Business”, not because he was called to be a part of it.

So he got to thinking that perhaps he was just brain washed from hearing about God his entire life. What if there was no truth to it at all and it was all just a made up story? But then the pure logic of the difference between believing in God or not believing kicked in. If you don’t believe and it ends up true, you lose everything except for the short life you lived!

But if you believe and it isn’t true you’ve simply lived your life a better way, and perhaps you’ve helped others to get through their lives a little easier, and with a happier result. But if you have believed and it is all true, then look at the difference of life with God forever vs. the loss of that reward for your failure to belief.

Even if it’s just a 50/50 chance that it’s all true, it’s certainly worth the improved lifestyle we can enjoy while we’re here, but I agree with Morris when he says he believes it’s 100% true! He says that his proof came when his mother died at 91 years old. It was when her heart monitor went flat that it hit him.

What was it that kept her heart pumping for 91 years? She didn’t. The devil didn’t. It was God. That’s when the wonder and mystery and amazement of life hit him and he realized that it all could not be possible if the Bible weren’t totally 100% true.

There simply is no other way to explain the complexities of life that makes any sense. We can’t explain it nor can we explain immortality, and the Bible says that God alone has that! 1Timothy 6:15 &16 …He who is… the King of kings and Lord of lords, who alone has immortality… and everlasting power. Amen.

God is the author of all life, and man hasn’t been able to even come close to producing life on our own without God. We have a lot of brilliant minds in the scientific realms that play around with it, but none of them can reproduce even a kernel of corn with life in it.

They can take all of the elements in the exact proportions needed and put them all together but they can’t produce life. They can manipulate the elements of life and are constantly doing that, and we can produce amazing things like airplanes and rockets, but we cannot produce life.

So, let’s all keep talking about Jesus, and spreading the good news, so that he will come back soon, and then we won’t have to keep getting old and taking dirt naps.

Isn’t I great knowing that the very next moment after we pass on from this life that we will open our eyes and see Jesus coming in the clouds of Heaven? So, how can we be certain that we will wake up at the right resurrection parade?


If you have a relationship with the Son of God,

You Have Eternal Life Already!

Let us rejoice and bubble over!

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