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Venden Seminar Notes #17 – No Rest for the Wicked

04/09/2015 @ 9:33 pm
by dchale5050
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Who Gets to Rest?

Morris tells the story of his pole vaulting accident that forced him into a week of bed rest. The odd thing is, he had just mentioned to friend before it happened that he wished he could sleep for a week. LOL, watch what you say brother!

So, the first half day was okay, but after that he found out that he had to really work at resting. The old adage, “No rest for the wicked & the righteous don’t need it” is not right, because that’s what the righteous need and what they’re looking for..



So far we have recognized the warning against self worship, or living a self centered life apart from God. Also we have appreciated the invitation to salvation by faith alone.

If there is anything worse than a person worshiping themselves, it would be two people doing it, or worse yet, millions of them worshiping themselves in organized worship! This is exactly what is happening here.

You’ve noticed that we have approached this topic from both historical and prophetic interpretations. Now let’s take a look at the experiential point of view.




Did you see the beast, his image or his mark anywhere in this statement?

This is a far cry from the traditional prophetic interpretations shared from the pulpits. It is obvious that we can talk about the third angels message without ever even mentioning the beast, the image, the mark or Rome.

If we would pay close attention we would see that when we point the finger at Rome we end up with more fingers pointing back at us. It’s very possible for us to get caught in the very trap we are warning the world about, because we’ve been caught by the “do it yourself” trap.

Let’s break down this statement. First, it has uplifted Jesus as the sacrifice for the sins of whole world. What does the Bible say about that?


That is certainly great news. God is not willing that ANY should perish, and He’s making it as difficult as He possibly can for people to be lost! Next is presented Justification by Faith and the Blessed Assurance. The text for it is…


Next presented is the Righteousness of Christ imputed unto us by the power of His Holy Spirit in us, the results of which provide the power for our obedience to the commandments of God. The text for this is…



So that sums it up. The two attributes of the righteousness of Christ are both covered here. Justification, the Righteousness of Christ covering our sins & Sanctification, the Righteousness of Christ in us [the Holy Spirit] working to transform our lives into victorious lives of obedience.

In the original thought it mentioned that “Many had lost sight of Jesus”, which is exactly what happens when they believe they need to do it themselves, & “They needed their eyes directed [back to Him]”. Then they are able to receive “the priceless gift of Christ’s Righteousness.


Grace, Faith & Salvation. None of it comes from us, but comes to us as a gift of God. It’s talking about all three of them. Grace, Faith & Salvation. ALL are gifts. That’s the only way that we can receive “the priceless gift of Christ’s Righteousness. That takes us back to this text…


How do we get to the place where we are helpless? You cannot simply declare yourself as helpless. You don’t just simply say the words “I surrender.” If it was that simple we would be right back to the do it yourself-re’s religion. Here’s a quick reminder of the 5 steps we all must take when coming to Jesus.


The First Step, is Desire.

A desire for something better in your life. Everyone in the world always seems to have a desire for something better. Many just don’t realize that it is a relationship with God that they desire.

Second is Knowledge.

The Holy Spirit is anxious to take us to the place where we can gain a knowledge of what IS better. Then is when we go to the Bible and the plan of Salvation. When we do that we are taken to the cross where we see the Savior, Our Redeemer. Many will get side tracked by trivial things that don’t even matter.

‘Intellectuals’ will get into debates about the nature of God or issues like abortion or other world issues that take them completely away from the Savior and Salvation. We need to go strait to Jesus, and a knowledge of the plan of salvation, & then go right back to more about Jesus & stay there.

Third is Conviction.

Another word would be convinced. To be convinced that something is right and true. If we really look at Jesus, His Life and His death on the cross for our sake, then we are going to feel like sinners – we are going to feel a need for a Savior.

We are going to feel the need for forgiveness! Now is where a lot of people get side tracked. They see their sins and get busy trying to do something about them on their own. Instead, they need to get to the next step.

Fourth is Helplessness.

We must all realize that there is absolutely NOTHING we can do about the sin in our lives. Nothing. The ONLY way we are going to see a change for the better is to give up trying and simply rely on that daily growing relationship with Jesus in order to enjoy the power of God working in our lives. That requires us to take the next step.

Fifth is Surrender.

We aren’t talking about giving up our sins here, we are talking about giving up on thinking we can do anything about them at all! We’re talking about giving up on ourselves, and taking the focus entirely off of ourselves and placing that focus on developing a friendship with Jesus.

This is painful because we can’t accomplish it by ourselves!

Only God can take us to the point of surrender. So, what can I do? Do I have to sit here and wait until God is ready to take me there? No, I can put myself in a place where HE IS! I can put myself in an atmosphere where it happens.

In Bible Study and prayer, and in joining with others of like interest in meetings and seminars about God I can be brought closer to Him. Once we’ve given up on ourselves and surrendered to His will, that is how we come to Christ.

So, how do we “come to Christ”?

Through prayer & the study of God’s word.

This is the third angel’s message that God commanded us to give to all the world!

All power is given into His hands,

so that He may dispense rich gifts unto man,

imparting the priceless gift

of His own righteousness

to the helpless human agent,

so that they may partake of the riches

of the Kingdom of Heaven

and live with God for ever and ever!

What a message indeed!

The Righteousness by Faith message


The 3rd Angel’s message.

This message is to be presented with a loud voice,

and with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit!

Do you want to see the Holy Spirit working in your life?

Then Proclaim This Message To The World!

Get on the internet

and share the Hope that this message brings

to a world full of people

who are racing through life

toward destruction.

Make them aware

of the wonderful plan God put together

from the beginning of time.

It had to happen

so that sin could be done away

with once and for all!

I cannot wait for that day!

I’m tired of the evil that surrounds me,

but I am thankful for the great mercy

God has shown me

by not giving up on me.

I am thankful for the prayers

that those who love me

have continued to send up

to The Thrown of Mercy & Grace.

Help me to send this message

by forwarding these notes

to your friends and family.

This is the loud cry message!

Help me to shout it out!

This message is to be accomplished during the latter rain of the Holy Spirit. There is very little time left. In a very few short years this planet will have reached it’s 6,000th year past creation. People need time to develop that saving relationship with God, the kind of relationship that will build the strength of the faith they will need to face the troublesome times ahead.

God has promised to shorten those last days & so many will be caught by surprise at the rapid flow of events leading up to the Advent of Our Savior Jesus Christ. Don’t be one of them, and don’t allow a single member of your circle of love to be left out. Don’t forget that ROME is not even mentioned in this message!

What is of vital importance in the full scope of knowledge that this world needs?

A Savior.

Salvation will come only through a knowledge of what God through His Son Jesus has done to provide a way of escape from sin forever!

That is the loud cry message.

That is the message of HOPE!

Shout it out!

Now for the text that follows, the tough text.


Torment & No Rest.

My, what an image this portrays. Morris used to wish he could avoid these words while giving bible studies on this text. But, we don’t have to go to the doctrine of Hell to discover torment in the human life. Torment can be an experiential thing, a psychological thing, a state of mental anguish that makes a person desire death as a relief! I know first hand that kind of torment. The devil loves to put us through those paces! He loves for us to be drowning in despair.  

Remember the two men possessed by the devils

and Jesus cast the devils out into a herd of pigs?



The UN-Godly are always tormented in the presence of the Godly. Morris gives the example of two people in a marriage relationship where one has a genuine relationship with God and the other does not. The UN-Godly one is tormented and it continues until the Godly one backs off of their status or the other is converted. 


Morris checked the original language on this text and it actually says that “they have no rest day or night who keep on worshiping the beast and his image.” So is this talking about something other than, or more than the lake of fire and hell?

Well, the reasoning is that if I, the beast & his image (the false prophet) are all in hell together, then I don’t think I’m going to be worshiping them in there. I would think that instead of worshiping I’d be screaming out against them! So this time of worshiping is talking about our life now, and the lifetimes of all who have lived. 

It is talking in the present tense. It says that those who worship the beast & receive the mark of his name, HAVE no rest day and night right now. It took a distinct turn from the previous line which said, “And the smoke of their torment ascends up for ever and ever,” & that line was absolutely talking about hell.

So what’s the point in making an issue out of

no rest now’ and keep on worshiping’?

Well, right on cue Morris decided to talk in detail about rest.


So, rest is a gift, and the only thing you have to do to get it is to come to Jesus. If I come to Him, I’m going to have rest, & if I don’t come to Him I’m not going to have rest. So if I don’t have rest then I’m not coming to Him! Pretty simple, Aye?

This means that if those who worship the beast and his image “have no rest” then they obviously haven’t been coming to Jesus. So that’s what the beast and his image is all about. It’s about living life apart from God. If I am not coming to Jesus then I am a victim of the beast and his image and I will have no rest.

Up to this point you can see that the historical and prophetic concepts surrounding the 3rd Angels Message have been left completely out of the picture.

The significance of this is that this message now leaps over all boundaries and barriers of races, nations & religions, and becomes an ongoing all inclusive concept for all ages & times.


Let us Labor 2 Rest? How can you labor to rest?

Now back to Matt 11,

if when I come to Jesus I have rest, then

logic tells me that the ‘labor’ is in coming to Jesus!

Is that really labor sometimes? It certainly can be. The herd of rabbits show up and suddenly you find yourself going off in 20 different directions, “chasing rabbits”, with 40 more things to do after that, and then you realize you have delayed the most important thing that you needed that morning.

Now you’re unable to break away

from the ‘obligations’ of the day!

It happened to me, and when it did, I noticed that suddenly I seemed to be drawn into temptations on some of those old habits that I was once a prisoner to (that old weak human nature).

I found that if I don’t take the time to say, “Good morning Father. What are we doing today?”, and then take as much time as He needs for me to “listen” to everything He want’s to tell me, then I end up running off on my own and doing my will instead of His. It’s a bad idea every time.

Sometimes you feel like praying and sometimes you don’t, but it’s the times when you don’t that you need to the most! That’s when you need to tell God your problem, and so that is the ‘labor’ that Paul is talking about. Thank God for the times when it isn’t labor, but be prepared for the times when it is.

@37:30 Morris gives a great example of his relationship with his wife & how sometimes it can be labor to communicate on those days where you are worn out and just want to veg. But, you can’t have, maintain or improve on any relationship if you don’t communicate.

In Hebrews 11 Paul was talking about rest in the promised land, and how the children of Israel didn’t enter into that rest, but there is also and end-time application. When we get to heaven are we going to rest?

Morris says, “Come on now. When we get to Heaven we are going to all be Juniors! When we were juniors at camp, what was the thing we hated most? Rest period. The angels will sit back the first few days and watch us all do ‘touch and goes’ on the sea of glass!: I love his sense of humor.

Then one day your Angel will come to you and say,

How about you and I take a trip?”

And you say, “Where we going?”

He answers, “To a little planet on the outer rim of the universe. They’d like to hear someone from Earth tell them what it’s like to be saved.”

And you say, “But I’m not a speaker.”

He says, “Neither was Moses.”

Oh, that’s right,” you reply, “I forgot about that. Well, okay I’ll go, so what do I need to pack?”

Nothing,” he replies.

Oh, that’s right,” you concede, “I forgot about that. Well let me run and tell my brother…”

You don’t need to,” he interjects, “He’ll be here forever.”

How wonderful,” you reply, “I forgot about that too.”

And so we wing our tireless flight to a little planet on the outer rim of the Universe, and there the Angel calls the people together, and then he sits on the back row while you tell what it is like to be saved from a world of sin.

But the Angel can never feel the joy that our Salvation brings.

What a shame.

The Good fight of Faith

is to

Labor to Enter Into That Rest



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