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Venden Seminar Notes #7 – Why Read the Bible

03/25/2015 @ 5:18 pm
by dchale5050
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Do We Need A Spiritual Prescription?

Eating to Live.


Prayer, Bible study and Sharing

are the three legs

on the relationship stool.

Always start your personal time with God each day with Prayer.

Spiritual things are spiritually discerned”.

Prayer helps us to

put on the Spiritual eyeglasses

so that what would have been head knowledge

now becomes heart felt inspiration. (That’s a BIG DEAL!)


1. Pray for a deeper appreciation for Jesus, who he is and what he can mean to me on a more personal basis.

2. Pray for satan’s power to be destroyed, that he will not be able to distract me in any way while I spend time with Jesus.

3. Pray for Spiritual Eyesight so that I will be able to understand in a meaningful way, all that God wants me to get for that day…


There are two basic differences in the information given in the Bible;

Informational & Inspirational.

The four Gospels are where you will find nothing but

Inspirational Information on the life of Christ,

and it’s the best place to start to get to know Him better.


The Bible is a book with a Man in it.

If you aren’t finding the Man in it you are missing the whole point!

Once you get in tune with searching for ‘The Man in the Book’,

then is when you discover that He’s everywhere in it.


Begin each day with God & we are promised that we will find him.


Lee & Morris start out in the introductory discussion talking about Aunt Anna’s bread and how good it was and that they always wished they had the recipe.

Well, the recipe for the bread of life is

Prayer, Bible study & Sharing.


The constant parables of God continue.

What other parallels can we learn from the Manna Parable?


Get with God

in the morning


the heat of the day kicks in and

your opportunity evaporates!

If you have a problem getting up early enough to spend your private time with God because you just aren’t a morning person, then ask God to wake you. I guarantee you He will wake you up in plenty of time.


You’ll find out that you won’t even miss the sleep because just like tithing, God will stretch the rest you got and make it cover all your needs. Jesus example:


If you recall the story that Mark was telling here, it was the weekend that Jesus had come to Simon & Andrews house & Simon’s mother-in-law was ill, so Jesus healed her and she jumped up and fixed them all refreshments.

It was the Sabbath, & as soon as the sun set people started showing up with their sick, and Jesus healed them all. This healing session lasted well into the early hours of Sunday morning, but guess what… that’s the morning Mark is talking about in verse 35!

It’s pretty obvious that, after a late night of healing the people, Jesus got very little sleep before he was up and out the door heading for a place of solitude where he could be alone to pray.

He is our example!

If Jesus knew that HE needed that time each day with his Father,

why wouldn’t we also need it?

How much time is enough each day?


That manna parable is a lot deeper in it’s meaning then what first meets the eye.

I personally found out that I’m having trouble pushing away from the table in the morning. Getting away from the devotional time, and into the other activities that I could be doing hasn’t been working to well.

Apparently I’m allowed to over indulge in this case,

since I don’t seem to be tipping the scales at an alarming rate! ;oP

I must be one of those guys who NEEDS more manna than the next guy!

Lately here I’ve just been eating all day long,

which makes me wonder where it’s all going since I never seem to fill up.

Perhaps the MORE We share,

the MORE room We have for MORE!

Other lessons are:

  • No one can eat for anyone else. If You don’t eat you die!

  • Everyone’s needs are different. Appetites vary.

  • You can not do double one day and nothing the next. (The Manna Rots.)


Lee tells the story of an Arnold Schwarzenegger interview where he was repeatedly lifting 100 lb dumbbells with each arm, and the point that he stressed was that if you are going to have success in building anything, you need to start with an amount that is comfortable, and be consistent every day.

The amount you start out with isn’t the important thing,

because it will automatically increase

as long as you are

consistently exercising with it every day.

That sounds like exactly what happens in the daily growth with Jesus.

The Holy Spirit will make it grow stronger every day.

We just need to be sure to show up… for it to work.

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