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Why The Vikings Fans Are #17 On Facebook

Why The Vikings Fans Are #17 On Facebook

07/16/2014 @ 10:14 am
by dchale5050
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Why The Vikings Fans Are #17 On Facebook – Remembering Bud Grant.

From Bud Grant’s 2nd year (1968) to Dennis Green’s last full year (2000), Minnesota Vikings Fans enjoyed 23 years of playoff appearances in a 33 year period! If you’re in the playoffs almost 70% of the time over a 33 year period, you can’t help but build a solid fan base. What team wouldn’t love those numbers.

How about Bud Grant putting the team in 4 Super Bowls in 8 years? That’s 50% of the time your team is in the big game for almost a decade! Viking fans sure couldn’t complain about that, except that the team lost all four of them.

In the 1st SB, Bud gave the Chiefs their only win, ever. Three years latter he gave the Dolphins their second in a row following the famous “Perfect Season”, and you could say that Bud had just run into some bad luck up against a hot Miami team on a roll.

But he was back the very next year playing in a defensive struggle with the Steelers, eventually handing Chuck Noll’s team their first Super Bowl win on their way to 5 more. Right back in the playoffs the following year they lost the divisional round.

Undaunted, Bud had the Vikings right back in the big game the following year (1977 SB), and hands John Madden’s Raiders their first SB win ever, in what proved to be his worst SB defeat (32 – 14). The Vikings dominated the 70’s under Bud Grants supervision, but it has now been 36 years since they’ve made an appearance in the sport’s biggest game.

Four playoff appearances in the past 13 years is unacceptable to Vikings fans and a 2005 new ownership group who undoubtedly all want to get those glory years back in Minnesota.

The new ownership group (led by Zygi Wilf) has shown patience giving both Childress & Fraizer 4 years as head coach to get on track, but 2014 brings in a fresh crew with HC Mike Zimmer, Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner, & Defensive Coordinator George Edwards.

The last three years of drafts have given the team 29 selections, with 6 in the first round. How all that talent fits into the new coaching philosophy is yet to be seen, but it will be interesting to watch it all come together. Will this be one of those magical years where the new staff beats all the odds?

You can bet Vikings Fans always have their hopes up, but this new group needs to give the fans more than just another Super Bowl appearance. The fans need a win this time around.

Perhaps that’s all they need to give the Vikings Official Facebook Page the 100k likes it needs to jump past both the Jets & Dolphins! If you missed the article, “Facebook Ranks NFL Fans”, then you can follow that link.

If you haven’t “Liked” the Official Vikings Facebook Page, you can follow that link to do that. While you’re at it, you can Follow THIS Link and give a ‘Like’ on ALL the Vikings FB Fan pages on the list.

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