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Week 15 Wussie Award – NFL Trash Talk

Week 15 Wussie Award – NFL Trash Talk

12/12/2013 @ 1:44 pm
by dchale5050
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Week 15 Wussie Award

NFL Trash Talk’s Week 15 Wussie Award goes to Mike McCoy. Can you believe it? I can! Mike McCoy, former offensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos last year is, as you all know, the new HC of the San Diego Chargers.

In his presser following the New York Giants game last week he said:

“We’re going to beat Denver on Thursday night, not play close.”

Was he just feeling good after the Chargers 37-14 win? He must have been, since he immediately started back peddling the next day claiming that he was “misinterpreted”. Come on man! Grow a pair! Stand up for your statements and show your team that you can handle the heat!

San Diego is unlucky to have McCoy, but that’s just my opinion. Peyton Manning got him the job, and Phillip Rivers will help him keep it for a couple of years, but that isn’t my idea of a head coach who is going to instill confidence in his team.

Better you than Denver San Diego. I’m sure Denver is very happy with the results of that change on offense. They are breaking records this year, long time records. Even the Field Goal kicker Matt Prater broke the longest FG in history record last week with a 64 yarder in fridgid temperatures.

If your going to Talk Trash in the NFL Mike, you should at least have the cojones to back it up! Now we all get to see if you can prepare your team well enough to back up your mouth. If you do, then this Week 15 Wussie Award won’t hurt quite so bad.  It sounds like your new boy in the middle, rookie LB Monti Te’o thinks he’s good enough to be a factor.

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