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Wildcard Game Four 2014 – San Francisco 49ers Vs. Green Bay Packers

Wildcard Game Four 2014 – San Francisco 49ers Vs. Green Bay Packers

01/05/2014 @ 3:52 pm
by dchale5050
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Wildcard Game Four 2014 brings us the NFC’s San Francisco 49ers (#5 seed) @ Green Bay Packers (#4 seed)

Where: Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI.

When: Sunay, January 5, 2014 – 4:40pm ET on Fox

Stats match up: 

The Packers high octane Offense is the problem the 49ers face today, but the 49ers 5.0 Yards Allowed/Play is ranked #8 in the league, and it will take a perfect effort to stop the Packers 6th ranked passing attack. The two teams running attack is equal, but the problem with Green Bay is their Defense. 

The 49ers Defense is in the top ten, while the Packers is in the bottom 10. Look for the fans of both teams to end the game without fingernails as this should be a close game. It wouldn’t surprise me to see several lead changes throughout.

The 49ers need to find their offense today. They have struggled this year, and their excellent defense has kept them in a lot of games.


Average Points/Game – Packers 26.1 (#8), 49ers 25.4 (#11)

AVG. Yards/Game:

Total: Packers 400, 49ers 324

Passing:   Packers 266.8 (#6), 49ers 186.2 (#30),

Rushing:  49ers 137.6 (#3), Packers 133.5 (#7)


Average Yards Allowed/Play – 49ers 5.0 (#8), Packers 5.9 (#28)

AVG. Yards Allowed/Game:

Passing:  49ers 221.0 (#7), Packers 247.3 (#24)

Rushing:  49ers 95.9 (#4), Packers 125.0 (#25)

The way these two teams match up is classic. There weaknesses match up fairly well, and so it will most likely come down to a few mistakes here or there that determines this game. We will soon have the 2013 NFL Divisional matchups set! Stay tuned!

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